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Jiangxi Open Finals - The Story of Overturn

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Nanchang, Jiangxi, China – The Women’s Singles final was just finished with an overturn and the doubles copied the same route. Duan Ying-Ying’s revitalization obviously brought some thing for Liang Chen / Lu Jing-Jing, and the script of the doubles final was a miracle. The Chinese pair lost the first set 3:6 and fight hard in second set with the No.4 Seed, Shuko Aoyama / Makoto Ninomiya. It came to a tie-break in Set 2 and the Chinese team overturned. The match tie-break was again a thrilling one with the final score, 13:11. The match took a total of 1h32m. Chinese players won both Singles and Doubles of the 2016 Jiangxi Open!

Partnering First Time to Capture a Title

This is the very first time for Liang Chen and Lu Jing-Jing to partner with each other. Liang’s previous partner, Wang Yafan was focusing on Singles, so Liang decided to partner with Lu after her participation in Coupe Rogers in Canada. Unexpectedly, the team created the magic: with the excellent playing and a relaxed mentality, the pair became the biggest dark horse and make it to the title. After the championship match, Lu expressed her grateful to Liang:” We haven’t played doubles together for several years, and this time is more of coincidence. It was great to win the doubles, especially we always lost to this Japanese team. By winning the final, it was a wonderful result.”

Match Tie-Break

In second set, Liang and Lu’s lob playing was the foundation of the overturn. The Japanese dual was not too high and the lob became the method to disturb their attack. Liang’s sense with the ball was more sensitive with the process of the match, and the lack of coverage became the biggest weakness of the Japanese team. Lu’s crosscourt stroke is very deep, and that brought troubles to the No.4 seed’s counterattack. “We reduced the errors in Set 2 and made our own attack. The lobs and crosscourt strokes brought some opportunities, and we took it. After we improved the (moving) speed, they didn’t adapt to it, and it was less efficient to turning our force to against us.” Liang said.

In the tie-break of the second set, the Chinese team showed the potential to become the champion. In such a stressful period, the dual has a very eased attitude, revise the playing style and strategy details. Coming to the match tie-break, The Japanese’s persistence made it 11:10, one-point to the title. Spectators demonstrated their strongest support by cheering for Liang / Lu. The Chinese team didn’t disappoint their expectation, saved the match point and took their own match point to win the almost losing title! The team expressed their thankfulness to spectators:” In such a hot weather, cheering for us on-site, it was not easy. The fans in Jiangxi are very supportive, and we can feel that we are fighting hard at home. During the match tie-break, the passionate atmosphere is absolutely one of the reason that why we can make it to win instead of lose. If possible, we would like to pair again next year here in Nanchang.”

So far, all events of the 2016 Jiangxi Open have been concluded. The upgraded tournament was well-recognized by industrial partners and media. Best performance player of China, Duan Ying-Ying (Singles) and Liang Chen / Lu Jing-Jing (Doubles) will receive the main draw wild card in corresponding events of the 2016 China Open. We wish our 3 Jiangxi Open champions good luck in Beijing.

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