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2017 Jiangwang Championship Registration Form

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                                           ——Recruitment of 2017 Jiang Tennis Star Accompanying Trainers

The 2017 Jiangxi Open Tennis Tournament gathered numerous female tennis stars: Zhang Shuai, Peng Shuai, Wang Qiang, and Duan Yingying, the top four Chinese tennis stars, gathered for the first time to compete on the court; Christina Prinskova, the top player on the women's tennis serve chart, former Grand Slam champion Zvonareva, and 2015 Jiang Wang pre match champion Jankovic all made appearances at Jiang Wang.
As tennis enthusiasts, can we only come and see them play? Of course not. As long as you are a seasoned tennis enthusiast and possess excellent tennis skills, you have the opportunity to become a companion trainer for women in the tennis industry during the Jiangwang tournament. In a real battle with a super international famous star lineup, I missed Jiang Wang and had no chance again!
On July 20th, at the Nanchang National Sports Center Tennis Hall, the 2017 River Tennis King Championship awaits you!
Registration time: July 3-15, 2017
Registration method: Send the electronic registration form for the competition to the official email address
Download the registration form: Download from the announcement board of the official website of Jiangxi Open Tennis Tournament
Official website:
Event contact person: Ye Chen 15279108583
Registration requirements: Male: Level 5.0 and above
Women: 6.0 level and above
Age of participation: 18 years old (inclusive) to 35 years old (inclusive)

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