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The doubles champion of the 2020 CTA1000 National Individual Championships Finals, the doubles champion of the 2020 CTA1000 Guiyang Station, the second place in the women's group D of the 25th China University Tennis Championships (Finals) in 2021, the runner up of the 2021 China Tennis Tour CTA1000 Anning Station doubles, CTA800 Rizhao Station doubles, the runner up of the CTA1000 Changsha Station doubles, CTA800 Linfen Station doubles, CTA1000 Guangzhou Station singles and doubles Champion of CTA1000 Anning Station singles in the 2022 China Tour, and third place in singles and doubles in the 2022 individual championship finals. First place in singles and second place in doubles in the tennis event selection competition of the 31st Summer Universiade in 2023.

These dazzling honors all come from a Jiangxi girl born in 1998, Zheng Wushuang. She started playing tennis at the age of 9 and won a wild card in the French Open youth tournament at the age of 16. In addition, she has participated in youth singles and doubles competitions multiple times, reached the finals 22 times, and won 8 championships. In the adult competition, she reached the finals 12 times and won 8 championships.

In 2017, Zheng Wushuang officially became a student at the School of Physical Education of Nanchang University. During the study period, Zheng Wushuang diligently studied professional knowledge and continuously practiced techniques and tactics. In 2018, she won the third place in the women's group D singles at the China University Tennis Championships (finals); In 2019, she won the first place in the women's group D of the China University Tennis Championships (finals). In 2020, Zheng Wushuang achieved the best performance in Jiangxi tennis history, ranking third in the National Tennis Team Championships and winning the doubles championship in the National Tennis Individual Championships.

At this year's Sichuan Universiade, in the second round of women's singles tennis at the Chengdu Universiade, Chinese player Zheng Wushuang defeated Czech player Anastasia Bolach 2-0. In the third round, Zheng Wu faced the top seed of the women's singles competition, French player Alice Lobe, with injuries. She drew 1-1 with her opponent and was forced to leave the final set due to injuries. After the game, French player Robe also gave Zheng Wushuang high praise in an interview: "Although I was very happy to win, she is a great opponent. She faces greater pressure at home, she handled it well, and I feel sorry for her

With a regretful Zheng Wu's double flag beating drum, she and her partner Feng Shuo passed all the way to the final of the 2023 "Tianjiao Red Earth Cup" ITF International Women's Tennis Tour · Nanchang Station (40K) and successfully met Chinese Taipei duo Zhuo Yixuan/Zhuo Yichen. In the final, the Zheng Wu duo/Fengshuo duo lost 5-7 in the first set and narrowly equalized 7-6 (8) in the second set. In the end, Chinese contestant Zheng Wushuang/Fengshuo won the doubles championship with a score of 10:4 in the crucial "Battle of Ten".

In this year's Jiangxi Open, Zheng Wushuang will compete with her old partner Fengshuo against Tereza Mihalikova from Slovakia. And Chinese player Xu Yifan! Both combinations

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