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Double duels are exciting and the combination of "...

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Racimova's partner Sasanovic successfully advanced to the quarter finals!

After a wonderful doubles match, today's infield 1 faced a fierce match between Tianjin girl Xu Yifan and Tereza Mihalikova from Slovakia, as well as Kamilla Rakhimova/Aliaksandra Sasnovich, who competed for the quarterfinals.
In the first set of the game, both teams worked together and showed their full body skills, pulling the score to a 3-3 stalemate. Afterwards, Xu Yifan and Mikhalikova took the lead in breaking the deadlock and winning the first game, but then Rasimova and Sasanovic chased hard, firing all their firepower and winning two games in a row, winning the first set with a score of 6:4.
After entering the second set of the game, the two sides were once again caught up in a game where the scores alternated and rose. However, it was obvious that the combination of Rasimova and Sasanovic had a stronger morale after winning the first set. When the score reached 5:4, Rasimova and her teammates rallied and won the second set with a score of 6:4. In the end, Rasimova and Sasanovic won the entire game 2-0 with a big score, successfully advancing to the quarter finals!
Competing for Ten Japanese Teams to Advance to the Women's Doubles Semifinals
Today's first match was held in full swing in infield 2, with two players from Japan, Eri Hozumi and Makoto Ninomiya, competing against multinational duo Camila Osorio and Diana Shnaider. It is worth mentioning that Osorio and Schneider both performed very well in yesterday's women's singles round 16, both entering the round 8. And the doubles strength of the two players, Suiji Huili and Ergong Zhenqin, cannot be underestimated.
In the first set, Hikari Suiji/Gengen Ergong took the lead and continuously attacked the opponent's position gap with tacit cooperation. They had excellent coordination in their movements and won four consecutive games. In the fifth inning, Osorio/Schneider also regained their form, with both sides fighting and deadlocked. In the end, Schneider's decisive strike took the lead in winning the fifth inning. The two of them gradually improved and took advantage of the situation to win the sixth inning. Suiji Huili/Ergong Zhenqin didn't want to fall behind, winning the first set with a high starting rate and 6:2 innings.
In the second set, Osorio/Schneider demonstrated strong pressure resistance, pulling the score to 6:1 with a strong heart and bringing the big score to a 1-1 draw.
In the final set, the two sides entered the fierce fight for the tenth match. Suiji Huili/Ergong Zhenqin played very smart before and after the transfer, and took the lead to win the match point, with the final score of 10:7.
In the end, Hikari Suiji and Gengen Ergong successfully advanced to the women's doubles semi-finals with a score of 2-1.
The 'Jam' combination is unstoppable and advanced to the women's doubles semi-finals
The second game of infield 1 will take place in the evening. Chinese duo Guo Hanyu/Jiang Xinying, who staged a brilliant comeback last night, will collaborate with Australia,Norwegian duo Kimberly Birrell/Ulrikke Eikeri compete in a quarter round.
It is worth noting that Eric Ulrik from Norway is a former world doubles player ranked second. This is a significant challenge for two young Chinese players.
In the first set of the competition, facing strong players, the Chinese team played two games first, continuing yesterday's good start and winning the first set 6-3.
After a brief rest, the second set of the game began. Guo Hanyu/Jiang Xinying successfully won the first two games through tacit cooperation. Faced with closely following opponents, the Chinese team faced significant pressure and lost the third and fifth innings. In the sixth round of the competition, the Chinese player was chased by the opponent for 2 consecutive points in a 40:15 situation, which can be said to be heart wrenching. Fortunately, the Chinese players still relied on their outstanding performance to win this game. In the subsequent competition, two Chinese girls fought bravely and won three consecutive games. In the end, Chinese duo Guo Hanyu and Jiang Xinying won the second set 6-2, with a total score of 2-0, entering the semi-finals.
In the next round of the competition, Chinese players will face Japanese duo Eri Hozumi/Makoto Ninomiya. Let's look forward to this Sino Japanese showdown together!
Fierce competition, German team wins the game
Thai duo Luksika Kumkhum/Pengtarn Plipuech competed fiercely against German duo Laura Siegenund/Vera Zvonareva in Indoor Stadium 2.
In the first set, Sigmund and Zvonareva fully utilized their respective strengths, relying on efficient and precise attacks and collaboration, playing a brilliant combination and winning the first two games. The Thai team is not willing to be outdone. They successfully won the first set through multiple collaborations and mutual support. Subsequently, Sigmund and Zvonareva made corresponding adjustments, cleverly using lateral swings and high curvature balls to push the opponent into a passive position and win the first set 6-3.
The second set of the game was even more cohesive, with the German player leading two games as the starting point, and the Thai player also starting to put in effort. The score reached a draw of 5:5, and then entered a fierce competition for the seventh round. Through frequent communication and tacit cooperation, Sigmund/Zvonareva flexibly and quickly moved the ball back to the opponent's field, fighting for precious opportunities for their team and effectively reducing the opponent's score, Finally, they defeated their opponents with a score of 7:6 (5).
This exciting game ended with a 2-0 victory for Sigmund/Zvonareva.

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