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The 2023 Jiangxi Open tennis tournament has come t...

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On October 22nd, after 9 days of intense competition, the 2023 Jiangxi Open tennis tournament entered its closing day, with the birth of women's doubles and women's singles champions and runners up, marking the successful conclusion of this tournament.

Laura Siegemund/Vera Zvonareva defeated Eri Hozumi/Makoto Ninomiya to win the Jiangxi Open doubles championship. Katerina Siniakova battled multiple match points and staged a stunning comeback against Marie Bouzkova, winning the singles championship of the tournament.

The award ceremony for the women's doubles and singles champion and runner up of the Jiangxi Open was held at the center stadium of the National Sports Center Tennis Hall. At the initial women's doubles award ceremony, Mr. Wang Qiang, Vice Mayor of Nanchang Municipal People's Government, presented the trophy to the champion. Ms. Eva Slaninkova, Director of Jiangxi Open Joint Events, presented the championship bouquet. Ms. Wang Fang, Director of Nanchang Sports Bureau, attended the ceremony and presented the award plate to the runner up. Mr. Shen Hongbin, Chairman of Jiangxi Sports Development Co., Ltd. and Director of Jiangxi Open Joint Events, presented the bouquet to the runner up. At the evening women's singles award ceremony, Mr. Shi Ke, Deputy Governor of Jiangxi Provincial People's Government, presented the trophy to the champion, Mr. Li Xiaoping, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of Jiangxi Provincial Sports Bureau, presented the championship bouquet, Mr. Wang Haitao, Deputy Secretary General of Jiangxi Provincial People's Government, presented the award tray to the runner up, and Ms. Laura Chekarelli, Chief Operating Officer of APG Company, presented the runner up bouquet.

In the first set of the women's doubles championship competition, Sigmund scored a volley from the net, and then Ergong Zhenqin used a straight ball to score the ball into the sidelines. The Japanese team won the first inning. In the second inning, Ergong Zhenqin pulled the score to 40:15 through dunks and short kicks. The Japanese combination successfully guaranteed issuance. Subsequently, the veteran combinations gradually entered a good situation, and with the tacit understanding of continuous protection and breaking, they won two games. Subsequently, the game continued, with both sides fighting until a 4-4 draw. Sigmund/Zvonareva won the first set with a score of 6:4.

In the second set, the veteran team suffered from some physical exhaustion and made three double serve mistakes. But in the face of the strong attack from the Japanese team, they still demonstrated their rich racing experience, leading the way with a score of 5-2. In the end, the veteran duo lived up to expectations, and Laura Siegemund/Vera Zvonareva successfully won the women's doubles crown with a score of 2-0.

In the subsequent women's singles final focal point battle, Marie Bouzkova and Katerina Siniakova battled fiercely for three and a half hours, performing a stunning comeback in the Jiangwang women's singles final.

In the first set, Buzkova took the lead by scoring two points with a strong serve, winning the applause from the crowd, followed by Siniakova who also scored one point. After a brief rest, Buzkova's movement became more rapid, making it difficult for Siniakova to break her solid defense and ultimately swept the first set 6-1.

The second round was a fierce competition that lasted for 1 hour and 40 minutes, with the score coming multiple times to reduce. In the second inning, Siniakova made an ultimate save by volleying the ball over the net to find a breakthrough and retrieve a valuable point. This tense and thrilling duel made the audience shout loudly. In the next few games, both sides scored against each other, and the score came to 5:5. After a long tug of war, both sides began to compete for 7. Siniakova had a strong predictive ability and could always see the ball well when the opponent served, arriving at the corresponding position in time and accurately returning the ball. This allowed her to grasp the inventory and win back a city with a score of 7:6 (5).

In the final set, the excitement of the game continued to climb, and the cheers from the audience on the field increased for a while before returning to the snatch of the 7th round. At this moment, both players were exhausted, but Siniakova still persevered with strong willpower until the end, defeating Buzkova 7:6 (4).

This fierce battle lasted for 3 hours and 33 minutes, and ultimately ended 2-1. Siniakova successfully won the championship of the singles final of the Jiangxi Open.

Jiangxi Open is one of the WTA tournaments, with a total prize money of 250000 US dollars and championship points of 280 points. The 2023 Jiangxi Open is hosted by the Jiangxi Provincial People's Government and the China Tennis Association, and hosted by the Jiangxi Provincial Sports Bureau and the Nanchang Municipal People's Government. The main competition schedule is from October 16th to 22nd, attracting 88 athletes from 27 countries and regions to participate.

Since the establishment of the competition in 2014, the level of the competition has been continuously improving, and the international influence and attention have been continuously increasing. The competition not only created the sports business card of Jiangxi, but also showcased the images of red Jiangxi, green Jiangxi, and ancient Jiangxi to all of China and the world, helping to enhance Jiangxi's visibility and reputation worldwide, and showcasing a more open, dynamic, and charming image of Jiangxi to the world.

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